The Company was the 1976. my name D. Ι. Mamaloukos & Co
In 1984 he founded The second laboratory where our activities in Silkscreen applications work was very positive so far.
Archaeological service by imaging and Update history Parthenon on metalware etched panels. (Located at the rock Acropolis ) Hellenic exchanges 1. Xenofontos 2. Ippokratous City of Athens Municipality of Maroussi Municipality of Heraklion Siemens, (Metro), OTE, Mobil, Aegean, Medicon, Αλατίνη, Interamerican, Plexaco, Elco Vagionis e.c.t
The inks and all use of Materials that are better for the Marabou the world, the most expensive. These three ..., skill, taste, and good Materials, can ofcourse this result. Or art Byron engaged in all applications per Screen and other Materials, Such as: Fabric, Paper, PVC, Leather, Tarpoulin,(for paintings), Glass, Metal, Wood, etc.
We are a group of artists art Byron decided to to create....., that's all!
Staff have sound technical knowledge and artistic talent and always reaches the most positive results. The art and artistry makes copying fidelity with the larger version of each painting project.
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